Shade Sheds vs King of the Mountain

Transportable Shade Sheds traveled to the Gold Coast with Orrcon Steel to race against Ford Performance Racing (FPR) driver’s Mark Winterbottom and Chaz Mostert. The FPR duo has successfully gone…

Hahn Group News – October Issue

Transportable Shade Sheds sister company – Hahn Group have released their October Issue News Bulletin. Hahn Group Chief Pilot, Cheryl Tillman, flew Justin Stewart and Matthew Hamilton of Transportable Shade…

Toowoomba Ag Show

The staff were entertained with Australia’s strongest man and the AllGals from Orrcon visiting the site. The Ag Show proved to be very successful this year.

Interstate Adventures Ag Grow Emerald 2008

The sales team were able to meet many mining executives and industrial businesses during the expo. The onsite BBQ was a great hit with the staff and VIP guests.

New Lube Oil Shed Arrives at AgGrow

The quick to erect shade sheds return to Emerald after recently attending field days in North Queensland, Farm Fest Toowoomba and Primex Casino. These agricultural field days have turned out…