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Welcome, we are the company that sells transportable sheds, for a range of different uses. If you are looking for innovative, top-quality sheds or storage shed, you will find that our unique building designs, our superb customer service and our competitive prices will make Shade Sheds your unrivalled choice.

Our range come in various designs and finishes. Each can be ordered to your personal specifications and make perfect cover for cars, boats, caravans, pools, hay or cattle and can also be used as a carport, patio or entertaining area. Give your prized possessions protection from the elements and extreme weather. They come with a cyclone proof guarantee, that’s right, they are wind rated and engineered.

Preferred supplier to Mines, Councils, Parks & Wildlife we have our dangerous goods storage sheds built to suit your specifications, depending on what you plan on keeping inside. Australian Standards Approved. Just let us know and our knowledgeable team can advise the best option for you.

We also offer a range of storage sheds that provide space to store personal items. Each storage unit is made from a patented design with lock security, marine ply floor, fully vermin proof and tilt tray delivered. Each shed can be chosen in big or small sizes, with the option to have it transportable. Our product range offers a convenient solution to store items, without having to travel to an offsite location or self storage complex.

Do you need an office space, mobile accommodation or toilet facility that you can move about with ease? We have a range of transportable buildings, rooms and cabins for sale. Offering cosy, functional space with superb features as standard – get in touch with us and let us know your specific requirements.

Whether you need big or small storage space, a cyclone proof carport, a place to give protection to your cattle, hay or farming equipment; we have the right option for you. 

Our award winning team is looking forward to helping you find the perfect solution so give us a call on 1300 667 433 for more information and a personalised quote.

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The Original Shade Sheds

Shade Sheds

 Dangerous Goods Storage

The Original and only Registered Business Brand Name Transportable Shade Sheds is owned by Allan Lear . He designed Australia’s first and only branded name the Transportable Shade Shed in 2000 and started Transportable Shade Sheds in 2001 . Allan obtained two innovation patents for the bend and swaging technology which has won the company numerous Australian awards which can be seen on our website . Customers beware that other products on the market have unsuccessfully tried to copy our bends in order to appear similar. These knock off products have been made using angle cuts and welds with potential join rust developing and weakened construction because they don’t have the technology to form a seamless bend with increased strength due to the angle. THE ORIGINAL NO RUST BEND SHADE SHED.